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Welcome to Vigo car hire. Vigo situated in the northwestern region of Spain, in the Pontevedra province, is blessed with a natural port. The city is bordered by mountains and has serene, unspoiled beaches to its credit. It is extremely simple and advisable to rent a car in Vigo to best explore the Northern region of Spain.

If you are planning to rent a car in Vigo, it is advisable to get familiar with the traffic rules, road signs and the rules of the road while driving in Vigo. Traffic rules are strictly enforced and the excuse that you are a tourist with no knowledge of the traffic rules is not entertained. Drinking laws are strict with the allowance of only 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per millilitre of blood. Seatbelts are compulsory for everyone in the car. Speed limits are stringently obeyed. Radar traps are frequent in Spain. While availing the services of Vigo car hire you might find it difficult to hire a car if you do not carry the proper driving licence enabling you to drive in Spain. If you are from a country belonging to the EU, an EU driving licence is enough for you to drive in Spain. If you are not from the EU, it is necessary that you carry an international driver’s licence. Children under twelve years of age are not allowed in the front of the car unless using a restraint system.

It is easy and convenient to use the services of the many Vigo car hire companies than availing the public transport system. You will not have to be at the mercy of public transport if you use a car rental Vigo service.

The ‘Cidade Vella’, the historic quarter of Vigo is rich in fishing streets and emblazoned houses. The Collegiate Church of Santa María built on the remains of a Gothic church burned down by the pirate Francis Drake stands here. Vigo has many such interesting and beautiful sights. You will have the freedom to explore these beautiful sights in your own time at a leisurely pace if you avail a car rental in Vigo.

The option to rent a car in Vigo is recommended and advised while being easy to avail. It also becomes easier to explore the neighbouring regions of Vigo if you rent a car in Vigo. The sheer cliffs and dunes on the Cíes Isles are home to many migratory birds. You will experience serene and at the same time rugged beauty all around you in this ‘Gateway of the Atlantic’.

To explore the charming city with cobbled streets and squares that has attracted invaders since its existence, check out Vigo hotels.

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