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The locals in Vigo take their traditions very seriously. There are many religious and traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year in and around Vigo. We recommend experiencing famous festivals like the Virgin of Carmen festival in July, Bouzas festivities for fireworks, the Festa dos Maios, Vigo's Great Week in August and La Reconquista.

The Reconquest of Vigo (La Reconquista)

It is a historical festival celebrated in old parts of Vigo. On March 28 of every year, celebrations honour those who dared to rise against the French Napoleonic Forces. People gather in Casco Vello dressed in period costumes, and the battle is re-enacted.

Festival Aéreo Vigo

Festival Aéreo Internacional de Vigo (or International Vigo Airshow) is organised every year from July to August. The beach show creates a fantastic atmosphere and can be enjoyed from the beautiful beaches of Samil, facing the Cies Islands. Every year record-breaking spectators of more than 200,000 visit this airshow.

Vigofolcelta Fiesta

The Celtic festival is celebrated in Vigo and many other towns in the Galician region. It involves part of the town being temporarily ''dressed'' as it would have been in medieval times. Many stalls and markets themed to the event add up to its enjoyment. It takes place between the 13th and19th of July.

Semana Grande

This fiesta relates to the patron saint of the city, Saint Mary (15th August), but the event takes place on the first Sunday of August.

Imaxinasons (Vigo’s Jazz Festival) ( Visit Site )

Held every year in June, the Jazz Festival is a unique event that lasts for two weeks in Vigo. There are indoor and outdoor jazz performances held throughout the city. Most of them are either free or at affordable prices. The festival also organises seminars, workshops, parades.

Venues: Theatre-Concert Hall, Centro Cultural Caixanova, Martín Codax Hall in the Conservatory, Town Hal, Verbum Jazz, Café Manteca Jazz Club, Praza da Estrela square Montero Ríos Pedestrian Street, Pub Quomo and the Museum of Contemporary Art Hall.

Vigo’s Great Week (Vigo Festival)

It is the biggest traditional festival of Vigo celebrated during the first week of August. The most important event of this festival is the procession of the Christ of the Victory. In this procession, thousands of people accompany the figure of Christ on the streets, which ends at the Church of Santa María. Don't miss any of the concerts it offers.