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Vigo's coastal & mountainous geography & climate provides ample opportunities for various outdoor activities. Its unique, natural habitat makes it ideal for hikers who wish to take either a leisurely walk or a challenging hike up the mountains. Even the forest parks surrounding Vigo are lined with trails for hiking and biking. One can experience the incomparable beauty of the Vigo Estuary only from the highest points of the mountains. During the fishing season, rivers, streams, fountains and reservoirs have a plentiful supply of fishing opportunities. Vigo's beaches are some of the best in Galicia. Sunbathe, engage in water sports, windsurf, kitesurf or enjoy a family picnic; immerse yourself in Vigo's uncrowded beaches.

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Food and Wine Tours

Trip to Atlantic Islands National Park

Trip to Atlantic Islands National Park

The Atlantic Islands National Park (Parque Nacional Illas Atlánticas) is a chain of islands with vibrant marine life and protected for conservation purposes. This unbelievable marine-terrestrial park mainly comprises the Cíes archipelago, a collection of three islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro and San Martiño. The white crystalline sands, stunning aquatic life, and excellent diving opportunities make the Cíes islands a unique beach paradise. It is also a great place to enjoy some quiet time away from the hustle of Vigo city. Enjoy a day hiking or biking with your family, take a boat trip, rent a yacht, go camping or enjoy the impressive hues of nature.

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Beaches - water sports, diving, cruising

The beaches of Vigo are Galicia's biggest tourist attraction. Nine out of ten beaches in Vigo are awarded the blue flag, meaning they are safe, attractive, and supported by all the amenities and services. In Vigo, there is a beach for everyone's liking. If you are travelling with your family, a visit to Samil Beach is a must. It is equipped with all the necessary facilities, like a swimming pool, cafes and lifeguards. There are also additional facilities available such as basketball courts. You can also take a leisurely walk over the fine sand from Samil to Bouzas or Lagares River to watch the fantastic sunset over the Cies Islands.

There are plenty of other beautiful beaches, such as the Rodas beach in the Cíes Islands, which is the best beach in the world. The Vigo area is also famous for its discreet beaches where you can sunbathe nude.

If you are interested in water sports, the beaches offer excellent opportunities to indulge in sport fishing or diving. The Vigo Estuary is primarily known for its rich seabed, shipwrecks and colourful flora and fauna.

List of Beaches
  • A Fontaíña Beach
  • A Sobreira and O Xunqueiro
  • Fortiñón (Saians)
  • O Adro
  • O Baluarte
  • O Cocho and Mourisca
  • O Vao
  • Samil
  • Toralla

Top 10 Activities to do in Vigo

Walking Tours ( Book a tour )

The GR 53 is a panoramic path that runs through the mountains and hills surrounding the Val do Fragoso (400m approx.), from east to west on the left bank of the Vigo estuary. With a walking tour, you have many opportunities to discover spots of historical interest such as country houses, hill-forts, defensive walls, etc. The path winding through different municipalities of Baiona, Nigrán and Vigo, offer some great panoramic views of the beaches, mountains, forests and cultural wealth.


With a hiking tour in Vigo, one can explore numerous sites, forest parks, river paths and attractions. Depending on your choice and the level of difficulty, decide a route that is suitable for you. Just carry a pair of shoes and extra pairs of socks. Discover new areas and the beautiful surroundings of the city. Take a guided tour where guides are speaking Spanish, Galician and English languages. Special discounts are offered for children.

Bird Watching

In Galicia, Vigo is a heaven for bird watchers and a perfect place for those interested in exploring nature. Tourists can do bird watching in all seasons throughout the year, but autumn and spring are the best times to spot migratory birds.

Visit Vigo Zoo

The Vigo Zoo, established in 1970, is located 340m above sea level, having an area of 55.676m². Spending a day with wild animals is an excellent idea for those interested in wildlife. It is home to a variety of animals such as tigers, lions, amphibians and reptiles.

Buceo Ciesub - underwater diving

The Buceo Ciesub is a famous destination for those interested in underwater diving. It is also known as the Ciesub, whose centre is in the seaside neighbourhood of Bouzas. The centre is also famous for offering PADI courses as well one can purchase a range of squab diving kits from the shop.

A day at Vigo Beaches

The beaches of Vigo are Galicia's biggest tourist attractions. Unlike other urban beaches, Vigo's blue flag beaches are clean. Samil beach is famous, but O Adro, O Vao, Toralla and O Baluarte are equally fascinating. You can walk miles and miles over the crystal sand, sunbathe nude (restricted to specific beaches with prior permission) or indulge in sports activities like fishing or diving. A gastronomic walking tour along the shores will leave you pleasantly surprised with Vigo's specialities - mussels, shrimps, oysters and the famous caramu xos.

Segmovi (Segway) Tours

Enjoy the Segway tour in Vigo. It is an excursion with lots of fun and adventure, visiting different places in the city along recreational-level tourist routes. It is a unique mode of transportation, accompanied by a monitor and a modern handle. Rejuvenate memories of youthful life with a Segway ride in Vigo.


It is a thrilling activity for those interested in adventure sports. If you are a die-hard skier, then get your ski equipment on rent. With your ski gear, explore several ice-capped mountainous regions close to Vigo, including Serra da Estrela, Cantaro Magro and Pena Ubina.


Strike a masterstroke at notable golf courses such as Real Aero Club de Vigo, Golf Balneario de Mondariz and Club de Golf Ría de Vigo. Enjoy life at its fullest and spend a day like a professional golfer.


The Rias Baixas offers excellent opportunities to indulge in water sports, especially sailing. The Real Club Nautico de Vigo (RCNV) and Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas (LMB) actively promote nautical sports through sailing events and competitions. The LMB organises two yearly regattas: Regata Vila de Bouzas and a Regata de Solitarios y a Dos to encourage sailing and recreational fishing. Alternatively, to keep up the enthusiasm amongst tourists interested in sailing, the RCNV also puts together an annual sailboat competition called Regata Rías Baixas.