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Welcome to Vigo cruises. Vigo has the proud distinction of being the main port of the Galicia and is located on the west coast of Galicia. This Spanish city has bounced back every time despite facing several naval attacks throughout history. The citadel of El Castro, one of the three citadels that originally guarded the Spanish city, still stands proud and erect.

The Vigo cruises will delight the cruisers at the many and varied opportunities offered by Vigo. The city still has an unspoilt and fresh feel to it, unlike many of the mass marketed tourist places. The Vigo cruise gives you an opportunity to meet the locals and be acquainted with the Spanish way of life. The fishing quarter ‘Ribera del Berbes’ near the port is not to be missed by any fish addict. The Spanish tapas and fresh oysters are bound to please any food lover. A cruise to Vigo is an experience not to be missed by any traveller.

The experience of the undisturbed and unbroken views of the Galicia, the pine clad island of La Toja, the rich Albariño wines is all made possible by a Vigo cruise. The views of Vigo are best savoured at a leisurely pace. The city is a popular retreat for Spaniards to beat the summer heat because of the cooler and damper climate in the city.

Near the port of Vigo lie the charming and colourful fishing village of Bayona La Real. Many Vigo cruise services offer the best value for your money. It comes as no surprise that a cruise to Vigo is popular among travellers. Vigo boasts of being the largest fishing port in Europe as well as being home to Pescanova, the largest fishing company in the world.

Discover the lush views of Vigo a city that enjoys the status of a Spanish National Monument at your own pace by availing Vigo car hire services.