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There are many museums and art galleries in Vigo where one can appreciate masterpieces of excellent Spanish, European and international artists. However, the mélange of collections goes well beyond paintings, sculptures and art. There are also museums covering a broad spectrum of archaeology, maritime history, handicrafts and much more.

Museo del Mar de Galicia

Museo del Mar de Galicia (Museum of the Sea of ​​Galicia) is built on the shore of Vigo estuary, at Punta de Muiño. Here, the past, present and future visions of Galicia's fishing industry are displayed through different exhibits. They also try to teach visitors about marine ecosystems.

Address: Av. da Atlántida, 160, 36208 Vigo, PO, Spain

Museo Quiñones de León ( Visit Site )

Museo da Cidade "Quiñones de León" (Municipal Museum of Vigo "Quiñones de León") also known as Museo Quiñones de León is an art & archeological museum in Vigo. It is in Pazo de Castrelos, one of the most architecturally outstanding Pazos in Galicia. It has exhibits collections and artefacts related to art, history and archaeology. It was reopened on 22 July 1937 with the initiative of the people of Vigo and Marquis de Alcedo. The museum structures, along with its French-style gardens and fountains, have attracted visitors for years.

Address: 36213 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Vigo (MARCO) ( Visit Site )

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Vigo (Museum of Contemporary Art) is a contemporary art museum dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art and culture. The exhibits explore different art disciplines of video, plastic architecture, design, on-line and fashion. This theme-oriented and the experimental museum also provide a chance for emerging artists to display their works. The museum is located in the refurbished Old Courthouse and jail in the heart of the city's commercial centre.

Address: Rúa do Príncipe, 54, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Museo Provincial de Pontevedra

One of the largest museums in Galicia, the Museo Provincial de Pontevedra (Provincial Museum of Pontevedra), displays art and paintings of Spanish and European artists ranging from the 16th to 18th century.

Address: Rúa Padre Amoedo Carballo, 3, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain

Museo Etnográfico Liste

The museum promotes Galician ethnographic heritage. Eleven rooms on the museum's four floors have more than 2000 exhibits, of which nine are permanent exhibitions. Artefacts included in the museum mainly consist of traditional Galician handicrafts, the harvesting of rye and bread making, traditional carts and wheels, locks, cloths and weaving, wood carvings, lighting, and items related to faith and healing.

Address: Rúa Pastora, 22, 36210 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

VERBUM - Casa das Palabras

Casa das Palabras, known in English as the House of Words, is a recreational museum located in the Samil area. Designed by Galician architect César Portela, the museum explores the world of human communication through various interactive games and educational units. Visitors can enjoy and explore the games, regardless of their cultural background. One can experience all forms of expression related to words, signs, sounds, music, and letters at the museum.

Address: Av. Samil, 17, 36212 Vigo, PO, Spain

Art Fairs, Art Shows and Exhibitions

Espacio Atlántico

Espacio Atlántico is a contemporary art fair organised annually at the Institute Feiral de Vigo (IFEVI). It promotes many Galician artists and international artists from Spain, Portugal, Germany and various other parts of the world.

Address: Instituto Feiral de Vigo (IFEVI) Pabellones 1 y 2, Avenida do Aeroporto 772 Cotogrande, 36318 Vigo, Spain


Professionals from all around the world gather together at the Conxemar trade show. The exhibition is beneficial for those from the seafood industry, such as wholesalers, producers, cold stores, aquaculture and experts from the fishery, farm fishing sector.

Address: Instituto Feiral de Vigo (IFEVI), Av. do Aeroporto, 772, 36318 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain