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Travelling in Galicia by car might be the best option as the train service can suffer from delays and the choice of times are not the best. Also the price of renting a car will work out cheaper in the long run. In the case of air travel, Galicia has three international airports, thereby making air travel easier for tourists from abroad.

If you like food, you have visited the right place. Abundant in sea food delicacies, its highlight is that almost half the mussels in the world are 'harvested' in Galicia. Popular dishes are Empanada, Polvo à feira, Caldo galego, Bacallau ao alvariño and Churros.

For the believer in a glass of beer, Galicia is mainly a wine region and a paradise for wine lovers. Though, if you like something strong, then there is, Licor Café and Queimada. However, beware, because for some, Licor Café can cause problems.

Galicia is a safe place to stay. Just to stay on the safer side, protect yourself in big cities. Of all cities Vigo and the capital - Santiago de Compostela - are probably the safest.

Drug trafficking and drug-related activities and crime are not uncommon. Though for tourists, this will not create a problem. In case of emergency dial 112 (ambulance, fire brigade and police).


Peinador Airport is located 10 kilometres from the city downtown. It offers a wide variety of scheduled flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Canary Islands, Alicante, Seville, Valladolid, Paris, Copenhagen and Frankfurt, besides charter flights.
This is one of the best options to reach Vigo. Vigo’s port receives thousands of passengers every year from cruises. There are daily trips to the Cies Islands and excursions through the Ria. Throughout the year, there are transportations with a schedule to Moana and Cangas del Morrazo.
To reach Vigo by car is possible. There are three main ways to reach Vigo. The Northwest dual carriageway links the city to Madrid, 667 kilometres away. The Rias Baixas dual carriageway runs from Vigo to the North of Portugal, passing through Tui, Braga, and Porto, thereafter linking with Lisbon and Portugal's network of motorways. Finally, the Atlantic Motorway links the city with the north of Galicia, passing through Pontevedra, Santiago and A Coruna.


Taxi services are available in Vigo. There are many companies that offer this service. This is an effective and efficient option for travelling around.
Vigo's local transport is very comfortable. It has various buses, which connect the main municipalities and districts. Its electronic way of payment is cheaper than the usual ticket and it allows the change of buses without paying for a new ticket.